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You are busy with work, the children, the routine... finding the ideal house is an exciting project that requires a lot of energy. As experts, we can offer you free documentation, powerful tools and sound advice that will help you make your real estate dream come true, rest assured!

Do not pay a penny more to your landlord

If you are a renter but would like to buy, this report outlines the steps you can take to save for a down payment and finally move into your very own home! 

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9 additional costs when purchasing a home

Planning on buying a home? Take the time now to calculate how much you’ll need for the purchase and the move. This report sets out the 9 main expenses you should expect when buying a home.

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10 things you dont want to see on a home inspection report

Mortgage-lending practices are always changing, and there are more choices than ever before. A few minor adjustments to your financing could save you thousands of dollars. This report explains costly mistakes to avoid when negotiating your financing or refinancing terms.

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8 buyer traps

Buying a house is a major investment. It’s always difficult to see someone lose their dream home. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you! Download this report to learn about the most common mistakes made during the negotiation process.

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