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Perks of Living in the Neighborhood South Park, in Leduc, Alberta

Leduc is a prominent city of province Alberta, Canada. The neighborhood South Park in Leduc Alberta is a small city with adequate amenities and perfect for families. The place gives many reasons to live here and it’s grabbing the attention of local and foreign families. Leduc is the heart of Canadian economy and immense employment opportunities are present there. The dynamic city is growing day and day and gradually becoming a business hub due to the closeness with major highways and rail transportation.

Peaceful and Friendly Environment 
 The law and order situation of the area is satisfactory and people are friendly. The total population of the area 29,993 and the density of population isn’t higher as compared to other populated cities.

Shopping & Amenities
There are a number of shopping and amenities located in the surroundings of the neighborhood South Park Leduc. The Leduc Recreation Centre is conveniently close to South Park offering Library, Aquatic Centre, Fitness Centre, Arena and much much more.

Family Parks 
The presence of parks and sports amenities makes it the best option for families with small kids. There are 35km of multiuse pathways where you can walk with your family and enjoy quality time together. Coady Lake, West Point Lake, Telford Lake, and Alexandra Park Ponds are the places where you take your kids and make your evenings memorable. Leduc Reservoir is another good option to spend the holiday at a mind-refreshing place.

Entertainment Opportunities
The awesome place offers a lot of entertainment opportunities for every age group. Rabbit Hill Snow Resort lets you check your ski and snowboard skills while Energy Discovery Center is an awe-inspiring place for teenagers. Amazing Field Maze and Leduc Golf Club give you an experience which you are not going to forget in the rest of your life.

Whether you are an art lover or looking for the best school for your children, the neighborhood of South Park answers to your all needs. Welcoming neighbors and flawless security are some other perks of the place which stand it out from the crowd and prove it the best place to live.

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4 Points You Must Note Before You Start a Real Estate Business

As one of the richest men alive, Warren Buffett, has said that people should not depend upon only one income source rather they should have multiple income sources. If one does not have a second income source, he/she should create one through investment. This is what often the real estate business is all about. It will not be untrue if I say that real estate business is one of the oldest and most probably one of the profitable ventures for investment. Everybody loves to become a landlord. However, if you are virgin in this industry, you will certainly be bombarded with hundreds of investment options in the real estate market and it is highly possible that you end up investing your money in a mediocre real estate opportunity. Therefore, in order to guide you, here are a few important things in the real estate market that you should know before becoming a landlord:

1.     How to Buy the Right Property?

First of all, you need to decide whether you have a large investment for buying properties or are only intending to purchase properties. After you have decided, you now need to go for inspecting multiple commercial and residential properties. It is advisable for you not to purchase a property at retail price unless the current real estate market is showing an uphill trend and the cap rate is above 10%. Don’t decide right after seeing a house based on your human emotion as you always need to check its current market rate and value in the market.

2.     How to Value a Property Accurately?

There are various methods used to calculate the exact current market value of a property. It will be a great idea if you can use neighborhood comps, which have been put recently for sale or have been sold out lately. For this purpose, you can consult a real estate agent as they have Multiple Service Listings (MLS), which is a database of the properties sold in a given locality. It will certainly help you find what the neighborhood comps for a given property are. In this way, you can calculate the exact current market value of the given property.

3.     What If You Are Using a Loan To Buy Property?

If you are trying to buy a property through a loan, you should be coming up with a full-fledged plan. For instance, you need to calculate your interest, tax and insurance rate using different online web resources. They will give you your ROI status and if it is greater than 8%, it will be prove a profitable investment for you in the long run.

4.     Buying Property through Mortgage Loan

If you are getting a mortgage loan to buy a real estate property, you need to consult a professional and experienced real estate agent to invest your money gained from mortgage loan in a profitable manner.

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